Living Sculpture, Community Art

Heirloom tomatoes, mixed media and community art
Size variable, 2007

Tomatoes, Acres Family Daycare, Art Ventures, Revolving Museum, Lowell, Massachusetts

Generously funded by the Puffin Foundation


Tomatoes explores micro urban farming, sustainability, biodiversity, self-sufficiency, and community building through the shared pleasures of good food and conversation.

mission statement acre family daycare

Acre Famiy Day Care has been serving low-income, immigrant women and families in Lowell since 1988.  Our mission is to help women build home-based family child care businesses, earning a living  wage while providing community-based child care to the families of Lowell.

special thanks

Jerry Beck, and The Revolving Museum;  Father Ramone and St. Anne’s Church; Kathy Reticker, Mike Bacigalupo, the Board of Directors and staff of Acre Family Daycare;  and the Puffin Foundation.