Living Sculpture and Performance

Heirloom lettuce and mixed media
Size variable, 2006

Photography by Andrea Wenglowskyj

Thesis Exhibition
, Aidekman Arts Center, Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts, 2006

Artist Statement
ripened peaches of yesterdays ago
drip sweet juicy tears down her chin
while my blood runs into yours through
filaments we can’t see only taste
who tends your food
we take copious notes as if explanations
could heal our wounds
but the scent of each other
grows fainter by the hour
there are histories beyond what is human
the language of another thrives in the dirt
I press my fingers into the dark and moist earth
and feel a knock back

Food chain = Seeds> light> soil> water> artist> salad

Heirloom lettuces grown: Amish Deer Tongue, Baby Oak leaf, Cracoviensis, Flame, Gold Rush, Red Velvet, Rossa de Trento, Rouge d’Hiver, Tennis Ball, Yugoslavian Red