Blossom Bulbs
Window screen, silk thread, live plants, plastic bulbs, twig, yarn, wooden toy.
11″ x variable, 2018

Rays of a Northern Sun
Wool yarn, silk thread, pine cone, winter berries, old man’s beard moss,
stones, live plant, Legos, broccoli seeds, wire
10″ x variable, 2018

Always for You
Onion, wool yarn, milkweed pods, lint, acorn caps, acorn seed,
peach pit, tumeric, rose hip, sage
10″ x variable, 2015

Love Twinkles
Kite paper, cotton fabric, painted paper, glass beads, live plant, cat tin,
magnolia branches, thread, small stones
10″ x variable, 2015

Seasonal Devotion
Pine needles, wasps nest, wool yarn, living stones, mica,
rose leaves, winterberries, cotton thread
12″ x variable, 2015

A Spring Reading
Violets, abandoned birds nest, embroidery thread, paper,
watercolor, burlap, lentils, colored foil wrap
7″ x variable, 2015

From the Dry Lands
Dried clementine, cloves, thread, window screen,
live cactus, mica dried grass
7″ x variable, 2015

Soft Pauses
Wool yarn, sprouting potato, green glass, urchin shell, chive flower
8″ x variable, 2014

Swirled Origins
Sweet potato, glass, felt, thread, pins
10″ x variable, 2014

Candied Mooring
Chenille Stems, wool yarn, embroidery thread, birch bark,
sparkle paint, lavender m & m’s, milky quartz, frankincense
resin, bakers twine, live plant, stainless steel mesh
11″ x variable, 2014

Moon Blanched Lands
Silk, granite, black beans, live plant, cord,
sea salt, mica, live plant
8″ x variable, 2014

Tethered Wetlands
Wool  yarn, thread, acorn cap, lentils, desiccated lady bugs,
stone, lima bean seed. live plant
10″ x variable, 2014

Decorating the Silence
Wool yarn, urchin shell, brass fabric, thread, live plant, dehydrated
carrots, rice, stones, flower petals
11″ x variable, 2014

Always the Light Falls
Live plant, wool yarn, blackberry branches, anise
seeds, moss licorice slices
10″ x variable, 2014