I Heart Handmade

Last month I took the pledge to make or else buy handmade.  Perhaps one reason for our mindless consumption and wastefulness is because we’ve lost connection with craftsmanship. Objects churned out by machines of cheap materials and bought for next to nothing, are easily disposed of once their short lifespan has ended.  We just don’t get attached enough to care.

By comparison something made with skill by a human being, carefully crafted with fine materials, is worthy of love and cherish. Also more sustainable as maybe we’d be less apt to toss aside possessions we’re more invested in whether that be in time as the maker, or more money spent on quality.

So I’m making my valentines,  fashioned out of remnant fabrics, decorative papers and newspaper. Each one is unique, sewn with lots of love and has a handwritten message on the back.  Now it’s your turn. Give it to ‘em strait from your heart…and your own two hands.  Promise it will be a keeper.

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  1. renee Says:

    hooray for handmade and hooray for celebrating and spreading love!

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