Sharecropper, is a series of micro farming art installations, by Artist, Leah Gauthier .

I stitch together working micro farms from parcels of donated land, rental properties and community garden plots using organic growing methods. My specialties are heirloom vegetables and herbs and wild edibles. Heirlooms are rare antique varieties with colorful histories, which have withstood the test of time, and varied growing conditions, but are now endangered, due in good part to industrial agricultural practices.  I enjoy growing and cooking food with others to share knowledge as well as the bounty,  and to make new friends.

This work is a personal journey exploring agricultural plant matter, and wild edibles as sculptural material, community building through growing and cooking food, and ways of re-incorporating agrarian sensibilities and simplicity into modern life.

In 2009 I sharecropped in New York City. Our hyper-urban farm encompassed 17 growing spaces located in all 5 Burroughs. We grew in backyards, on patios, fire escapes and rooftops. Its was a ton of work, and an amazing experience! Here are some photos, a map and some video.

2010 I stayed home in Bloomington, Indiana, and farmed the yard of my rental house and in rented plots shared with my friends Sarah, Maria and Kerri at the Willie Streeter Community Garden.  Lots of photos here.

In 2010 I’m going to deepen my knowledge of the same two spaces in Bloomington with the aim of doubling or tripling yield and will continue to share my journey on this blog.

All documentation of Sharecropper appears here on this website.