Tending a farm spread out over an entire city will be challenging. In thinking ahead of ways of technology could play a supporting role, I met with four artists, Rebecca Bray, Rob Faludi, Kate Hartman, and Kati London, who have developed a delightful and incisive project entitled Botanicalls. The Botanicalls mission is to “open a new channel of communication between plants and humans, in an effort to promote successful inter-species understanding.” Plants are fitted with sensors which monitor water and nutrient content. When in need, they call you, on the phone. Each in its own distinctive voice, plants follow up any attention with feedback, or thank you for a job well done.

We had an enjoyable dinner together, discovered many common threads running through our work, and brainstormed about how we might collaborate with food plants. More on this down the line, meanwhile, give a plant some lovin’ today!

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